What is Eternalie?

EternalieTM is a real and natural rose of premium quality that has been stabilized, so that it lasts for years without the need for water or maintenance.

How is It made?

EternalieTM has been run through a revolutionary process developed in Europe called stabilization. The fresh flower is cut at its peak, and its sap is replaced with vegetable glycerin. The glycerin stops EternalieTM  from deteriorating and keeps it looking fresh for years.

Is there anything I need to know?

The glycerin used to stabilize EternalieTM is mixed with dyes to help maintain the flower’s color, and therefore the petals can stain.

EternalieTM  is not edible. It is non-toxic if accidentally ingested, and it can cause allergies.

Is it eco-friendly?

Yes! EternalieTM is a 100% natural and biodegradable product. The stabilization process is entirely green and environmentally friendly. And because the flower doesn’t need any water and lasts many years, it creates less waste than fresh flowers.

How long does it last?

With time, EternalieTM can become dry and fragile, and its color can fade. If you follow our care instructions, it can last for years.

How do I keep it in great condition?

Do not water or spray
Do not refrigerate
Keep away from direct sunlight, hot lighting, and heat sources
Avoid handling and touching EternalieTM